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Predicted Design Trends for 2022

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modern coastal interior design

After being locked away or restricted for so long due to the Covid 19 pandemic, many people will be using 2022 as a new opportunity and will be looking to clean out and spruce up their homes. Design trends are always on the move and not just for home décor, whether you get on the bandwagon or stray out on your own, a home redesign could be just what your life is looking for to shake off those cobwebs. 

A shift in attitude to metro living coupled with the increased ability to work from home, and therefore anywhere in the country, has seen many Aussies looking to move to more rural areas. The recent flooding in the north and the current threats of World War 3 will only further people’s motivations to consider a move where possible. These uprootings and changes in lifestyle and location will undoubtedly be reflected in the top design trends of the year. They say cliches and stereotypes have to come from somewhere and this rings true when we paint the trope of the city gal/guy who’s always dreamed of living in the mountains/ by the beach/ on a farm but never had the gumption to make it a reality – now is their moment. Similarly, there are no doubt plenty of us who have the shoe on the other foot and are itching to get out into the big wide world and see just a touch more of it. 

For those of us living by the ocean in 2022, it is much more likely that we might sport some modern coastal interior design styles in our homes. Finding a balance between stylish and practical has never been so easy. Your new (or existing) beachy lifestyle will no doubt see you spending days in the sun, sand, and sea as much as you can. The unfortunate consequence of that can be salt and sand all through your home. It’s for this reason that many stylish beach homes will have an outdoor shower installed so you can easily rinse before entering the home. When thinking interiorly, there are plenty of timeless coastal interior design trends for you to draw from. Furnishings and décor that have a nautical theme are more commonly associated with a holiday home but will fit in just fine for your full-time beach house. You may find yourself drawn to rustic materials including driftwood and rope – shells and sea glass also make excellent components for some DIY decorations. For some this might seem a little too on the nose, they may prefer something a little more chic and sophisticated. Antique furniture and a blue, green and tan colour scheme will allow you to blend in with your surroundings without feeling like you’re on a beach town Air BnB. 

Perhaps you’ve been drawn in by the many movies that paint the quaint quiet life, surrounded by animals that are a farm. Ideally, you’re not going into this move with naivety, it should be known that farm life can be a hard life that requires quite a bit of manual labour to maintain. Be that as it may, it is also said to be extremely rewarding.  The simplistic, rustic, and somewhat practical design associated with a farmhouse has been on trend for quite some time – you won’t be short of inspiration. When flicking through magazines promoting the farmhouse style, you’ll see plenty of natural materials throughout both the building’s structure and the furnishings inside. Popular examples of this include wood, stone and clay, all of which are thought to produce feelings of warmth and a homely atmosphere. When painting, this style is commonly paired with more neutral colour schemes of earthy tones and natural shades of blues and greens. This style doesn’t call for a lot of furnishings or trappings and trimmings, it is modelled as simplistic but homely and cosy. Due to the work that goes with the lifestyle, you’re likely to have plenty of equipment including tools, spare parts and chemical products such as timber floor polish and tung oil. As a result, your home storage will play a huge part in your designs. Modern technology will make it much easier for you to install safe, but stylish cupboards for those items that have to be kept in the house. 

When opting to remain in a metropolitan area (or move to one) you may find you have a lot more freedoms in what is considered stylish and on-trend in 2022. Your concrete village has every potential to be as homey as its rural counterparts. Chances are you, or a member of your family/household is now working from home due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The increase in home office requirements has definitely impacted city design trends expected for 2022. For some, this will mean finding space in a bedroom or communal area for a desk set up for others this might mean redecorating a spare room but for many, this will be a trial and error project. Fitting lumbar support chairs for office spaces in your one-bedroom apartment might seem unreasonable at first, but there are plenty of ways you can look after your back health without compromising your favourite couch. If you’re especially tight on space, investing in an exercise ball or checking out the office stools as an alternative could make all the difference. Chances are this change also means a lot of extra time spent at home – great for the time saved on the commute, not so great for the amount of fresh air you’re getting. A popular and stylish way to ensure the air you breathe is as pure as possible is to invest in some house plants. Plants are the new pets, or so the saying goes and there’s a good reason too. Plants are the perfect way to personalise and freshen up your home whilst also bringing an abundance of extra colour. If you want to be on-trend as far as design goes for 2022, get yourself down to your local nursery or quirky plant shop and invest in some fancy plants.