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10 Office Design Inspiration Ideas

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Your office and desk space are a crucial part of your working environment. It can impact your productivity and efficiency, as well as your overall mental health. There are a few important elements to remember when designing an office space. Specifics such as the quality of air, exposure to light, level of comfort, and so on should be taken into consideration.

Due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions, a lot of us have been working from home. Being creative and personalizing your office space can increase motivation levels and overall willingness to work. Things like color choices, incorporating nature into space, or even being close to a window should be your main focus.

As a business owner, it is just as critical to consider these things as it can often impact employee satisfaction levels. Forbes stated that 80% of workers would like their current employer to offer healthier workspace benefits, from wellness rooms to ergonomic seating and nicer workspaces. Here are 10 things to help guide and inspire you to create the best design space for your office.

1. The Minimalistic Approach

Workspaces are often on the smaller side and we, therefore, have to be careful about how we work with them. With the less is more approach, having only what you need in the space will make sure the space you do have, is utilized. Having a strictly white palate can also make the room feel bigger. Things like a drop-down desk that hangs down from the wall, and that can be tucked away if need be, also saves space.

2. Option of a sit or stand workstation

It can become very unhealthy for both our physical and mental state if we are sedentary all day, especially if we don’t have chairs with back support. Having the option to stand and work can be a unique way of reminding yourself to move and have a bit of a stretch throughout the day. For when you are seated, investing in supportive ergonomic desk chairs will help eliminate back and neck discomfort.

3. Wrap around corner desks

Rather than trying to fit a desk into a small space, making the most of tight angles or corners might be a smarter choice. Installing customized desks or even using bookshelves as desk space, ensures open space (as there are no desk legs) and reflects a clean and neat space. If you have a curved wall in a window frame, you can also have a floating desk custom made to fit into this space.

4. Bringing nature inside the home/office

Purchasing some foliage and incorporating it into an office space can encourage productivity, clean air, reduction in stress, and a boost in one’s creativity. Whether this is a big pot plant in the corner of the room or some vertical hanging vines, this is a great way to stay connected with the outdoors, even when you have hours of paperwork to get through. A timber feature wall is also a natural touch that oozes sophistication and screams ‘professional’.

5. Storage space

Adequate storage space means less room for mayhem and a lack of organization. People often prioritize aesthetics over convenience and practicality. Sufficient office storage is essential to securely retain and locate valuable files and documents. Shelving and racking can help an office remain neat. This will enable employees to save time and also keep important data well-preserved. If you are working from home, things can be very easily misplaced and therefore should be kept in a safe storage place. If an office layout lacks storage space, an office reception fit out company can also assist you with re-designing your space to be more efficient. 

6. Personalization

Incorporating photo frames or a vision board can make a space truly feel like it’s yours. This can connect you to the office and make you feel more at ease. An office can often be the place you stress the most, finding ways to alleviate this pressure is important.

7. Being COVID safe is ‘trendy’

Organizations will need to take extra care in sanitation procedures, allowing space for multiple hand sanitizer dispensers, assigning lockers or drawers to individuals, as well as spacing desks 1.5m apart. New ‘touchless’ technology or known as ‘hands-free’ technology is also becoming the inspiration for office design. Hands-free technology would include sensor lighting, elevators, and QR scanning at front reception desks.

8. Eco/Sustainable office furniture

By choosing sustainable, durable, and stylish eco-friendly furniture you are reducing your carbon footprint, and protecting the environment, whether this is your household or organization. This also eliminates the guilt when it comes time to replace your old furniture, and it goes to the landfill.

9. Let there be light!

Having an office that is flooded with synthetic and natural light can improve happiness. By incorporating light features, mirrors, windows, and more will encourage individuals to feel alert and awake, and work at full potential. Some tips include taking out blinds or having curtains instead, swapping overhead light for more concentrated and focused lighting through desk lamps, and mirrors being placed across from windows for reflection of natural light.

10. A place for a breather

An office should be a professional and sophisticated working space for people, however, it is important to also remember people’s mental health. Office spaces that have an area dedicated to recharging, with bean bags or cushions, can allow for some time-out, away from the screens. Meditation posters on the walls can also remind people to breathe and relax in moments of stress or panic.

In most cases, people spend more time in their office than they do anywhere else. This means space should be designed in accordance with individuals varying needs. The space should also align with the company vision and therefore reflect the organization’s values. Getting in contact with a commercial interior design team to help guide you is also a great option.

The benefits of working from home remain, allowing you to get creative with your office without judgment! Paint those walls yellow if it makes you happy, buy that pink and blue polka dot bean bag, and work to your full potential!

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